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Trill is a combination of the words true and real. Everyone needs some cyber space, so we’ve created a social network to anonymously and freely express yourself.

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Trill Project is a social networking application that creates a virtual support community where everyone feels like they belong.

On Trill you can anonymously…
Share your thoughts freely.Help others in need. Make new friends. Discover content. Connect with crisis resources.Be your most authentic self.
Trill is a safe space to express all the thoughts, hopes, insecurities, wishes, questions, or ideas you have that you may not be ready to publicly share, or are not supposed to be sharing. And our first priority is your safety. Usernames are assigned based on your color of choice, so Trill is completely anonymous. Additionally, you can easily change your color choice as needed to generate a new identity. Our moderators and proprietary machine learning work hand in hand to ensure our community remains a positive and supportive place.

Trill Project began in January 2018, in a high school Girls Who Code club with the goal of making the Internet a safer space for everyone. Since then, we’ve grown into our current team of teens, operating out of the dorms of USC, Harvard, Brown, and MIT. We are passionate and energized to use technology for good.

The Trill Project
The Trill Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Trill Project we keep it true and real. So we’re happy to answer any questions you have! If you can't find your answers here, feel free to email our team at


How can I join Trill?
Joining Trill is completely free and open to everyone and anyone! You can download today on the App Store or Google Play Store. Our goal is to have people of all backgrounds supporting each other on Trill, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, race, or any other factor.

Why did you create Trill? What’s the story here?
After sending out an anonymous social media poll to thousands of LGBTQ+ teens for the Technovation Challenge, we were stunned to see that many LGBTQ+ teens felt isolated and alone. After interviewing LGBTQ+ teens in our high school and learning from our friends how difficult their coming out experiences were, we rallied together and brainstormed solutions to this problem. We had seen the impact of Peer Support clubs at our school, which allowed students to share their feelings in a safe environment. So we had the idea of implementing something similar… but virtually! In no time we coded and launched a successful private beta with a few thousand users, and we knew there was a need for Trill. We personally have struggled with mental health, and so we are strong believers in peer support models.

Why should I trust the Trill team?
We are teenagers making an app for teenagers. We have credibility, access and insight when it comes to social networks (we’ve grown up with them!). Lastly, unlike other social media networks, Trill does not and cannot collect private data on our users. We also are a company focused on mission first. We truly/really hope to make an impact in the vulnerable populations we strive to help :).

Curation & Moderation

How does Trill prevent hate?
Initially, we prevent bullying and unkind comments on Trill by having community moderators, who flag posts that don’t uphold our community safety standards. These moderators are also training our machine learning algorithm, which we will implement on Trill once we have enough data from flagged comments. If a user has been flagged after having posted self-threatening or worrying posts, we redirect them to international resources and crisis lines that are better equipped to deal with such situations.

Where can I find Trill's community guidelines?

Right here!

How is Trill’s home feed curated?
On Trill, users chronologically see the latest posts from tags they are following. This also helps to prevent bullying, since people cannot stalk and follow individual users.

How can I apply to be a moderator?
Check out our moderator page here.

Using Trill

What types of posts can you make on Trill?
Users can post text, questions, or answers to the daily question, in addition to commenting on others’ posts.

How can I message another user on Trill?
To send a chat on Trill, just click on the username (from a post or comment of a user you’re interested in connecting with) and then click on the chat icon in the top right hand corner.

How do I change my profile color?
To change your profile color (and, in doing so, your username), navigate to the Profile page, select your color to enter Settings, and then select Change Identity. The app will walk you through the rest. When changing identities, you can choose to keep your friends and followed tags, or start over by removing them.

What is the difference between the flag and lightning bolt feeds?
The lighting bolt feed is where you can see general posts. The flag feed contains all of the posts from the tags you follow. Use the search feature to find and follow tags.

How do I join a community?
To join a community, just click on the flag feed, then the three dot icon in the upper left hand corner, and then the Join a Community button.

Learn More

Where can I find your press kit?
For our press kit and all other media inquiries/collaborations, please, contact

How can I partner with Trill?
Check out our partnership page here.

Where can I find some examples of possible Trill posts?
Check out our Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter to find examples that have already been sent to us through the stories section of our website!

How can I ask questions or contact the Trill team?
We take questions and feedback on our Contact page, or email us at We also respond to asks/DMs on our Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter! We're committed to responding to everyone in a timely manner, but, please, understand we are a small team. We are making this app for you, and we love to hear from you.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Trill project, inc. Last updated June 23, 2018.

Trill is a U.S. company and subject to U.S. laws and jurisdiction. The original version of these Terms of Service (and any other terms, policies, or guidelines that we provide to you) are written in English. To the extent any translated version of these Terms of Service (or any other terms, policies, or guidelines that we provide to you) conflicts with the English version, the English version controls.


Hello! Welcome to Trill’s Terms of Service. Please read this carefully before using our site, services, or products. This is a contract between you and Trill. We've also included several annotations that aren't a part of the contract itself, but are intended to emphasize key sections and help you follow the text. We’ve tried to be fair and straightforward. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!

1. Accepting the Terms of Service
Please read these Terms of Service and our Community Guidelines (collectively, the "Agreement") carefully before using (the "Site") and/or the other domains, websites, products, applications, mobile applications, services, and/or Content provided by Trill, Inc. (all of those collectively with the Site, the "Services") (Trill Project, Inc., a Delaware corporation, collectively with its agents, representatives, consultants, employees, officers, and directors, "Trill," "we," or "us"). By using or accessing the Services, you ("User/Subscriber" or "you") agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you don’t agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you shouldn't, and aren't permitted to, use the Services. Trill’s personalized Services cannot be provided and the terms of this Agreement cannot be performed without Trill processing information about you and other users. Processing of the information you share with Trill is essential to the personalized Services which we provide and which you expect, including personalized Content (as described below), and is a necessary part of our performance of the agreement we have with you.

2. Modifications to this Agreement
Trill reserves the right to modify this Agreement by (1) posting a revised Agreement on and/or through the Services and (2) providing notice to you that this Agreement has changed, generally via email where practicable, and otherwise through the Services (such as through a notification or alert in our mobile application). Modifications will not apply retroactively. You are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any modifications to this Agreement.
We may sometimes ask you to review and to explicitly agree to (or reject) a revised version of this Agreement. In such cases, modifications will be effective at the time of your agreement to the modified version of this Agreement. If you do not agree at that time, you are not permitted to use the Services.

In cases where we do not ask for your explicit agreement to a modified version of this Agreement, but otherwise provide notice as set forth above, the modified version of this Agreement will become effective fourteen days after we have posted the modified Agreement and provided you notification of the modifications. Your use of the Services following that period constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement as modified. If you do not agree to the modifications, you are not permitted to use, and should discontinue your use of, the Services.
Note that, if you have prepaid for any Paid Services (as defined below) prior to a modification of this Agreement, your use of such prepaid Paid Services is governed by the version of this Agreement in effect at the time Trill received your prepayment.
As Trill grows and improves, we might have to make changes to these Terms of Service. When we do, we'll let you know. We're also going to make it a practice to post old versions so it's easy to see changes/additions/deletions.

3. Use of the Services
Service Changes and Limitations:
The Services change frequently, and their form and functionality may change without prior notice to you. Trill retains the right to create limits on and related to use of the Services in its sole discretion at any time with or without notice. Trill may also impose limits on certain Services or aspects of those Services or restrict your access to parts or all of the Services without notice or liability. Trill may change, suspend, or discontinue any or all of the Services at any time, including the availability of any product, feature, database, or Content (as defined below). Trill may also terminate or suspend Accounts (as defined below) at any time, in its sole discretion.
Trill is an ever-evolving platform. With new products, services, and features launching all the time, we need flexibility to make changes, impose limits, and occasionally suspend or terminate certain offerings (like features that flop). We can also terminate or suspend any account at any time. That sounds harsh, but we only use that power when we have a reason, as outlined in these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.
Limitations on Automated Use:
You may not, without express prior written permission, do any of the following while accessing or using the Services: (a) tamper with, or use non-public areas of the Services, or the computer or delivery systems of Trill and/or its service providers; (b) probe, scan, or test any system or network (particularly for vulnerabilities), or otherwise attempt to breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures; (c) access or search or attempt to access or search the Services by any means (automated or otherwise) other than through our currently available, published interfaces that are provided by Trill (and only pursuant to those terms and conditions) or unless permitted by Trill's robots.txt file or other robot exclusion mechanisms; (d) scrape the Services, and particularly scrape Content (as defined below) from the Services; (e) use the Services to send altered, deceptive, or false source-identifying information, including without limitation by forging TCP-IP packet headers or email headers; or (f) interfere with, or disrupt, (or attempt to do so), the access of any User, host or network, including, without limitation, by sending a virus to, spamming, or overloading the Services, or by scripted use of the Services in such a manner as to interfere with or create an undue burden on the Services.

Don't do bad things to Trill or to other users. Some specific, heinous examples of "bad things" are listed in this section.

4. Registration, Trill Usernames, and Security
As a condition to using certain of the Services and in order for us to provide them to you, you may be required to create an account (an "Account"), provide a username or an email address and select a password and a color, which will be used to create a username to your Trill account of the form [color][number] (a "Trill Username"). You may select a different Trill color for each new account you create, and will always receive a different, unique Trill Username.

You agree to provide Trill with accurate, complete, and updated registration information.

It's important that if you choose to register with an email address, that the email address associated with your Trill account is accurate and up-to-date. If you ever forget your password - or worse, fall victim to a malicious phishing attack - a working email address is often the only way for us to recover your account.

You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account password and for the security of your Account, and you will notify Trill immediately of any actual or suspected loss, theft, or unauthorized use of your Account or Account password.

5. Privacy
For information about how Trill collects, uses, and shares your information, please review our Privacy Policy. By using the Services you agree you have read the Privacy Policy, which describes our collection, use, and sharing (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) of such information, including the transfer of this information to the United States and/or other countries for storage, processing, and use by Trill and the Trill Affiliates (as defined below).

6. Content and User Content
For purposes of this Agreement: (1) the term "Content" means a creative expression and includes, without limitation, written posts, replies, comments, information, data, text, software, scripts, executable files, and interactive features, any of which may be generated, provided, or otherwise made accessible on or through the Services; (2) the term "User Content" means Content that a User submits, transfers, or otherwise provides to the Services. Content includes, without limitation, all User Content.

Your Rights in User Content:
Users retain ownership and/or other applicable rights in User Content, and Trill and/or third parties retain ownership and/or other applicable rights in all Content other than User Content.

You retain ownership you have of any intellectual property you post to Trill.

User Content License to Trill:
When you provide User Content to Trill through the Services, you grant Trill a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable right and license to use, host, store, cache, reproduce, publish, display (publicly or otherwise), perform (publicly or otherwise), distribute, transmit, modify, adapt (including, without limitation, in order to conform it to the requirements of any networks, devices, services, or media through which the Services are available), and create derivative works of, such User Content. The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purposes of allowing Trill to operate the Services in accordance with their functionality, improve and promote the Services, and develop new Services. The reference in this license to "creat[ing] derivative works" is not intended to give Trill a right to make substantive editorial changes or derivations, but does, for example, enable reposting, which allows Trill Users to redistribute User Content from one Trill account to another in a manner that allows them to add their own User Content or other Content before or after your User Content.

When you upload your creations to Trill, you’re giving us permission to make them available in all the ways you would expect us to (for example, via your account, the Trill Feed, etc.). We never want to do anything with your work that surprises you.

Something else worth noting: Trill accounts may go on to spawn books, films, albums, brands, and more. Any royalties or reimbursement you get for your creations are, needless to say, entirely yours.

Note also that this license to your User Content continues even if you stop using the Services, primarily because of the social nature of Content shared through Trill’s Services - when you post something publicly, others may choose to comment on it, making your Content part of a social conversation that can’t later be erased without retroactively censoring the speech of others.

One thing you should consider before posting: When you make something publicly available on the Internet, it becomes practically impossible to take down all copies of it.

You also agree that you will respect the intellectual property rights of others, and represent and warrant that you have all of the necessary rights to grant us this license for all User Content you transfer to us.

Content License to You:
As a User of the Services, Trill grants you a worldwide, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable license to download, store, view, display, perform, redistribute, and create derivative works of Content solely in connection with your use of, and in strict accordance with the functionality and restrictions of, the Services (including, without limitation, Paid Services, as defined below).

Compliance with Community Guidelines:
You agree that you won't violate Trill's Community Guidelines. Trill prohibits abusive users and inappropriate content. Trill's team of moderators are present on Trill 24/7 and are able to remove users from Trill if they post content that violates these Guidelines.

Termination and Deletion:
On termination of your Account, or upon your deletion of particular pieces of User Content from the Services, Trill shall make reasonable efforts to make such User Content inaccessible and cease use of it and, if required by the applicable Privacy Policy, delete your Account data and / or User Content unless permitted or required to keep this data in accordance with law; however, you acknowledge and agree that: (a) deleted User Content may persist in caches or backups for a reasonable period of time and (b) copies of or references to the User Content may not be entirely removed. You can delete your account at any time in Trill settings.

7. Special Provisions for Application Developers
If you develop software or services based on the Services or any Content, whether using the Trill Application Programming Interface or not, you will agree to and comply with the Trill Application Developer and API License Agreement .

8. Use of Trademarks
Any use of Trill's trademarks, branding, logos, and other such assets in connection with the Services shall use Trill’s approved branding and shall be in accordance with the Trill Trademark Guidelines.

9. Warranty Disclaimer; Services Available on an "AS IS" Basis
Your access to and use of the Services or any Content is at your own risk. YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO YOU ON AN "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, Trill DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Trill makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the Services, including any representation or warranty that the use of the Services will (a) be timely, uninterrupted or error-free or operate in combination with any other hardware, software, system, or data, (b) meet your requirements or expectations, (c) be free from errors or that defects will be corrected, (d) be free of viruses or other harmful components; or (e) be entirely secure or that the information you share with us will be secure. Trill also makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to Content; User Content, in particular, is provided by and is solely the responsibility of, the Users providing that Content. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained from Trill or through the Services, will create any warranty not expressly made herein.

10. Time Limitation on Claims and Releases From Liability
You agree that any claim you may have arising out of or related to this Agreement or your relationship with Trill must be filed within one year after such claim arose; otherwise, your claim is permanently barred.

You further release, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Trill and its employees, agents, consultants, directors, shareholders, any other person or entity that directly or indirectly controls, is under common control with, or is directly or indirectly controlled by, Trill (the “Trill Affiliates”) from responsibility, liability, claims, demands, and/or damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown (including but not limited to claims of negligence), arising out of or related to the following:

Disputes between Users, including those between you and other Users.

The acts of third parties generally (i.e., individuals or entities who are not Trill or a Trill Affiliate), including third party sites and services.

Disputes concerning any use of or action taken using your Account by you or a third party.

Claims relating to the unauthorized access to any data communications relating to, or Content stored under or relating to, your Account, including but not limited to unauthorized interception, use, or alteration of such communications or your Content. For the sake of clarity, this includes any and all claims related to the security of your Account credentials.

Claims relating to any face-to-face meetings in any way related to Trill at any venues ("Meetups"), including without limitation claims related to the actions or omissions of any Users or third parties who organize, attend, or are otherwise involved in any Meetups. Unless otherwise expressly disclosed in writing, Trill does not sponsor, oversee, or in any manner control Meetups.

If you are a California resident, you waive California Civil Code § 1542, which says: "A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor."

11. Limitation of Liability


12. Exclusions to Warranties and Limitation of Liability
Some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the exclusion/limitation of liability as set forth in Section 14, so the limitations above may not apply to you.

13. Termination
Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying the other party. Trill may terminate or suspend your access to or ability to use any and all Services immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason or no reason, including but not limited to if you breach any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement. In particular, Trill may immediately terminate or suspend Accounts that have been flagged for repeat copyright infringement.

Upon termination of your access to or ability to use a Service, including but not limited to suspension of your Account on a Service, your right to use or access that Service and any Content will immediately cease. All provisions of this Agreement that by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, and limitations of liability. Termination of your access to and use of the Services shall not relieve you of any obligations arising or accruing prior to such termination or limit any liability that you otherwise may have to Trill or any third party and shall not relieve you of your rights if you are a user in the European Economic Area which are described in the Privacy Policy.

14. Choice of Law and Venue
You and Trill agree that we will resolve any claim or controversy at law or equity that arises out of this Agreement or the Services in accordance with this Section or as you and Trill otherwise agree in writing. Before resorting to formal dispute resolution, we strongly encourage you to contact us to seek a resolution.

Law and Forum for Legal Disputes:
This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Delaware as they apply to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Delaware between Delaware residents, without regard to conflict of law provisions. You agree that any claim or dispute you may have against Trill must be resolved exclusively by a state or federal court located in Sussex County, Delaware, except as otherwise agreed by the parties. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located within Sussex County, Delaware, for the purpose of litigating all such claims or disputes.

If you are (a) a United States federal, state, or local government agency or body, (b) using the Services in your official capacity, and (c) legally unable to accept the clauses in this Section, then this Section doesn’t apply to you. For such entities, this Agreement and any related action will be governed by the laws of the United States of America, without regard to conflict of law provisions, and, in the absence of federal law and to the extent permitted under federal law, the laws of the State of Delaware, excluding choice of law.

15. Miscellaneous
This Agreement, as modified from time to time, constitutes the entire agreement between you and Trill with respect to the subject matter hereof. This Agreement replaces all prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements, written or oral, regarding the subject matter hereof and constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between the parties. The failure of either party to exercise, in any way, any right provided for herein shall not be deemed a waiver of any further rights hereunder. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, that provision shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that this Agreement shall otherwise remain enforceable and in full force and effect. This Agreement is not assignable, transferable, or sublicensable by you except with Trill's prior written consent. Trill may assign this Agreement in whole or in part at any time without your consent. No agency, partnership, joint controllership, joint venture, or employment is created as a result of this Agreement and you do not have any authority of any kind to bind Trill in any respect whatsoever. Any notice to Trill that is required or permitted by this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed effective upon receipt, when delivered in person by nationally recognized overnight courier or mailed by first class, registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, to:

Trill Project, Inc.
5665 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Paradise Valley, AZ 85250
Attn: Legal Department

16. Special Provisions for Users Located Outside of the United States
Trill provides global products and services and enables a global community for individuals to share and follow the things they love. Trill's servers and operations are, however, located in the United States, and Trill's policies and procedures are based on United States law. As such, the following provisions apply specifically to Users located outside of the United States: (1) you acknowledge that we will transfer, store, and process your information, including but not limited to User Content and any personal information, in the United States and/or other countries in order to provide you with the Services and perform this Agreement; and (2) if you are using the Services from a country embargoed by the United States, or are on the United States Treasury Department's list of "Specially Designated Nationals," you agree that you will not engage in financial transactions, or conduct any commercial activities using or through the Services.

17. DMCA Copyright Policy
Trill has adopted the following policy toward copyright infringement on the Services in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the "DMCA"). The address of Trill's Designated Agent for copyright takedown notices ("Designated Agent") is listed below. You may submit a notice under the DMCA by emailing, with subject line DMCA COPYRIGHT NOTICE.

Reporting Instances of Copyright Infringement:
If you believe that Content residing or accessible on or through the Services infringes a copyright, please send a notice of copyright infringement containing the following information to the Designated Agent at the address below:

Identification of the work or material being infringed.Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing, including its location, with sufficient detail so that Trill is capable of finding it and verifying its existence.Contact information for the notifying party (the "Notifying Party"), including name, address, telephone number, and email address.A statement that the Notifying Party has a good faith belief that the material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or law.A statement made under penalty of perjury that the information provided in the notice is accurate and that the - Notifying Party is authorized to make the complaint on behalf of the copyright owner.A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright that has been allegedly infringed.Please also note that the information provided in a notice of copyright infringement may be forwarded to the User who posted the allegedly infringing content. After removing material pursuant to a valid DMCA notice, Trill will immediately notify the User responsible for the allegedly infringing material that it has removed or disabled access to the material. Trill will terminate, under appropriate circumstances, the Accounts of Users who are repeat copyright infringers, and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate any User for actual or apparent copyright infringement.
Trill Project, Inc.
5665 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Paradise Valley, AZ 85250
Attn: Legal Department

Submitting a DMCA Counter-Notification:
If you believe you are the wrongful subject of a DMCA notification, you may file a counter-notification with Trill by providing the following information to the Designated Agent at the address below:

The specific URLs of material that Trill has removed or to which Trill has disabled access.Your name, address, telephone number, and email address.A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which your address is located (or the federal district courts located in Sussex County, Delaware if your address is outside of the United States), and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided the original DMCA notification or an agent of such person.The following statement: "I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled."Your signature.
Trill Project, Inc.
5665 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Paradise Valley, AZ 85250
Attn: Legal Department

Privacy Policy

The simple version. Last updated May 31, 2018.

This Website collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Owner and Data Controller: Trill project, inc.
Owner contact email:

Personal Data is collected for the following purposes and uses the following services:

Analytics - Google Analytics; Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data
Contacting the User - Contact form and Mailing list or newsletter; Personal Data: email address

Privacy Policy of Trill project, inc. Last updated May 31, 2018.

Types of Data collected

Among the types of Personal Data that this Application collects, by itself or through third parties, there are: email address, Cookies and Usage Data.

Complete details on each type of Personal Data collected are provided in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or by specific explanation texts displayed prior to the Data collection.
Personal Data may be freely provided by the User, or, in case of Usage Data, collected automatically when using this Application.
Unless specified otherwise, all Data requested by this Application is mandatory and failure to provide this Data may make it impossible for this Application to provide its services. In cases where this Application specifically states that some Data is not mandatory, Users are free not to communicate this Data without consequences to the availability or the functioning of the Service.
Users who are uncertain about which Personal Data is mandatory are welcome to contact the Owner.
Any use of Cookies – or of other tracking tools – by this Application or by the owners of third-party services used by this Application serves the purpose of providing the Service required by the User, in addition to any other purposes described in the present document and in the Cookie Policy, if available.

Users are responsible for any third-party Personal Data obtained, published or shared through this Application and confirm that they have the third party's consent to provide the Data to the Owner.

Mode and place of processing the Data

Methods of processing
The Owner takes appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction of the Data.
The Data processing is carried out using computers and/or IT enabled tools, following organizational procedures and modes strictly related to the purposes indicated. In addition to the Owner, in some cases, the Data may be accessible to certain types of persons in charge, involved with the operation of this Application (administration, sales, marketing, legal, system administration) or external parties (such as third-party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed, if necessary, as Data Processors by the Owner. The updated list of these parties may be requested from the Owner at any time.

Legal basis of processing
The Owner may process Personal Data relating to Users if one of the following applies:

Users have given their consent for one or more specific purposes. Note: Under some legislations the Owner may be allowed to process Personal Data until the User objects to such processing (“opt-out”), without having to rely on consent or any other of the following legal bases. This, however, does not apply, whenever the processing of Personal Data is subject to European data protection law;
provision of Data is necessary for the performance of an agreement with the User and/or for any pre-contractual obligations thereof;
processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Owner is subject;
processing is related to a task that is carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the Owner;
processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner or by a third party.
In any case, the Owner will gladly help to clarify the specific legal basis that applies to the processing, and in particular whether the provision of Personal Data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract.

The Data is processed at the Owner's operating offices and in any other places where the parties involved in the processing are located.

Depending on the User's location, data transfers may involve transferring the User's Data to a country other than their own. To find out more about the place of processing of such transferred Data, Users can check the section containing details about the processing of Personal Data.

Users are also entitled to learn about the legal basis of Data transfers to a country outside the European Union or to any international organization governed by public international law or set up by two or more countries, such as the UN, and about the security measures taken by the Owner to safeguard their Data.

If any such transfer takes place, Users can find out more by checking the relevant sections of this document or inquire with the Owner using the information provided in the contact section.

Retention time
Personal Data shall be processed and stored for as long as required by the purpose they have been collected for.


Personal Data collected for purposes related to the performance of a contract between the Owner and the User shall be retained until such contract has been fully performed.Personal Data collected for the purposes of the Owner’s legitimate interests shall be retained as long as needed to fulfill such purposes. Users may find specific information regarding the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner within the relevant sections of this document or by contacting the Owner.The Owner may be allowed to retain Personal Data for a longer period whenever the User has given consent to such processing, as long as such consent is not withdrawn. Furthermore, the Owner may be obliged to retain Personal Data for a longer period whenever required to do so for the performance of a legal obligation or upon order of an authority.

Once the retention period expires, Personal Data shall be deleted. Therefore, the right to access, the right to erasure, the right to rectification and the right to data portability cannot be enforced after expiration of the retention period.

The purposes of processing

The Data concerning the User is collected to allow the Owner to provide its Services, as well as for the following purposes: Contacting the User and Analytics.

Users can find further detailed information about such purposes of processing and about the specific Personal Data used for each purpose in the respective sections of this document.

Detailed information on the processing of Personal Data

Personal Data is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

Analytics: The services contained in this section enable the Owner to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to keep track of User behavior.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the use of this Application, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.
Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.
Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: United States – Privacy PolicyOpt Out. Privacy Shield participant.

Contacting the User:

Contact form (this Application)
By filling in the contact form with their Data, the User authorizes this Application to use these details to reply to requests for information, quotes or any other kind of request as indicated by the form’s header.
Personal Data collected: email address.

Mailing list or newsletter (this Application)
By registering on the mailing list or for the newsletter, the User’s email address will be added to the contact list of those who may receive email messages containing information of commercial or promotional nature concerning this Application. Your email address might also be added to this list as a result of signing up to this Application or after making a purchase.
Personal Data collected: email address

The rights of Users

Users may exercise certain rights regarding their Data processed by the Owner.

In particular, Users have the right to do the following:

Withdraw their consent at any time. Users have the right to withdraw consent where they have previously given their consent to the processing of their Personal Data.Object to processing of their Data. Users have the right to object to the processing of their Data if the processing is carried out on a legal basis other than consent. Further details are provided in the dedicated section below.Access their Data. Users have the right to learn if Data is being processed by the Owner, obtain disclosure regarding certain aspects of the processing and obtain a copy of the Data undergoing processing.Verify and seek rectification. Users have the right to verify the accuracy of their Data and ask for it to be updated or corrected.Restrict the processing of their Data. Users have the right, under certain circumstances, to restrict the processing of their Data. In this case, the Owner will not process their Data for any purpose other than storing it.Have their Personal Data deleted or otherwise removed. Users have the right, under certain circumstances, to obtain the erasure of their Data from the Owner.Receive their Data and have it transferred to another controller. Users have the right to receive their Data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format and, if technically feasible, to have it transmitted to another controller without any hindrance. This provision is applicable provided that the Data is processed by automated means and that the processing is based on the User's consent, on a contract which the User is part of or on pre-contractual obligations thereof.Lodge a complaint. Users have the right to bring a claim before their competent data protection authority.
Details about the right to object to processing
Where Personal Data is processed for a public interest, in the exercise of an official authority vested in the Owner or for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner, Users may object to such processing by providing a ground related to their particular situation to justify the objection.

Users must know that, however, should their Personal Data be processed for direct marketing purposes, they can object to that processing at any time without providing any justification. To learn, whether the Owner is processing Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, Users may refer to the relevant sections of this document.

How to exercise these rights
Any requests to exercise User rights can be directed to the Owner through the contact details provided in this document. These requests can be exercised free of charge and will be addressed by the Owner as early as possible and always within one month.

Additional information about Data collection and processing

Legal action
The User's Personal Data may be used for legal purposes by the Owner in Court or in the stages leading to possible legal action arising from improper use of this Application or the related Services.
The User declares to be aware that the Owner may be required to reveal personal data upon request of public authorities.

Additional information about User's Personal Data
In addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, this Application may provide the User with additional and contextual information concerning particular Services or the collection and processing of Personal Data upon request.

System logs and maintenance
For operation and maintenance purposes, this Application and any third-party services may collect files that record interaction with this Application (System logs) use other Personal Data (such as the IP Address) for this purpose.

Information not contained in this policy
More details concerning the collection or processing of Personal Data may be requested from the Owner at any time. Please see the contact information at the beginning of this document.

How “Do Not Track” requests are handled
This Application does not support “Do Not Track” requests.
To determine whether any of the third-party services it uses honor the “Do Not Track” requests, please read their privacy policies.

Changes to this privacy policy
The Owner reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by giving notice to its Users on this page and possibly within this Application and/or - as far as technically and legally feasible - sending a notice to Users via any contact information available to the Owner. It is strongly recommended to check this page often, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the bottom.

Should the changes affect processing activities performed on the basis of the User’s consent, the Owner shall collect new consent from the User, where required.

Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or Data)
Any information that directly, indirectly, or in connection with other information — including a personal identification number — allows for the identification or identifiability of a natural person.

Usage Data
Information collected automatically through this Application (or third-party services employed in this Application), which can include: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the Users who use this Application, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc.), the country of origin, the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the User, the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spent on each page within the Application) and the details about the path followed within the Application with special reference to the sequence of pages visited, and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment.

The individual using this Application who, unless otherwise specified, coincides with the Data Subject.

Data Subject
The natural person to whom the Personal Data refers.

Data Processor (or Data Supervisor)
The natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which processes Personal Data on behalf of the Controller, as described in this privacy policy.

Data Controller (or Owner)
The natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of Personal Data, including the security measures concerning the operation and use of this Application. The Data Controller, unless otherwise specified, is the Owner of this Application.

This Application
The means by which the Personal Data of the User is collected and processed.

The service provided by this Application as described in the relative terms (if available) and on this site/application.

European Union (or EU)
Unless otherwise specified, all references made within this document to the European Union include all current member states to the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Small sets of data stored in the User's device.

Legal information
This privacy statement has been prepared based on provisions of multiple legislations, including Art. 13/14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

This privacy policy relates solely to this Application, if not stated otherwise within this document.

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We have these rules in order to make sure that Trill remains a supportive community for all users. If a post falls into any of these categories, a moderator should report it. But if a post falls into category 2 or 3, a moderator should also respond with a reference to Trill's emergency resources to help the poster and a message that reminds them that they are supported and loved. An example of a response to a category 3 post is:

I’m so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing. We on Trill will always support you. Remember that you are loved and heard, and that you are not alone.
If you need to reach out to a professional, you can always use one of the confidential hotlines provided on the Crisis Resources page on Trill.

Remember to be supportive and kind to the original poster.

These are real people who are hurting and you can do an enormous good by reaching out to them and giving them your support.

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Fun Fact: I'm fluent in Russian!

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Fun Fact: I'm named after Rachel from “Friends,” but I unfortunately never watched the show!

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Contributions to Trill: Nothing as of yet because I'm just starting! But I believe I'll be working with the moderation team to recruit/retain moderators as well as develop the moderation strategy as a whole.

Fun Fact: I went skydiving out of a helicopter.


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We hope this coloring book offers you a moment in the chaos of everyday life to pause, reflect, and have fun appreciating the simple things. The theme of this coloring book is breaking free. Like the butterfly captured in our designs, we all are capable of escaping whatever cocoons may have holds on us. The labels society impose on us, the voices that tell us we aren’t good enough, the stigmas that stymie us are all weak in comparison to our ability to mature, flourish, and fly. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, our identities are valid, and our freedom is both earned and deserved.